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"It’s quite disgusting how much you can actually care about a person."


that girl you just called a scene? she’s a god damn arms race.

"Seventeen seems like the perfect age. Not naive like sixteen. Not feeling the pressures of daunting adulthood like eighteen. Just plain and simple, seventeen."

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James Franco’s famous last words.

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do you ever get random bursts of confidence and plan to do something then later wither in shyness

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my friend made pot brownies and her mOM ATE THREE OF THEM and now she’s freaking out because she jusT DRUGGED HER MOM

update: the brownies kicked in, her mom is currently barking at their dog


so many concerts, not enough money



i love it when lyrics don’t make sense to you but then you sit and think about them for a while and suddenly they’re the deepest shit you’ve ever heard it just always makes me feel good when that happens